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Make More on Fuel

One of the highest expenses a transporter has is fuel. On average 24% of our gross income is spent on fuel. We must be diligent on our quest for finding the cheapest, but highest quality fuel on our routes.  Here is

Make More with Hotels

Make More with Hotels

If you are traveling with a companion, you can rack up a large hotel bill. We have joined a large hotel chain and earn reward points with each stay. We pay an average $50 per night for a hotel, But the


Make More with an Ice Chest

I call my ice chest or cooler my refrigerator. It is a very important tool when traveling. I am always amazed when other driver tell us they don’t travel with a cooler. We Make More by having a cooler.  Here are

Tasty Travelers Treats

Travelers Treats

 http://www.transport4more.com/fresh-fruit-tray/ http://www.transport4more.com/tasty-travelers-treats/

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The Cooking Companion

If you re like me, you are sitting by your husband as he tirelessly puts down 600 miles a day behind the wheel, your anxiously waiting for the appearance of a welcomed rest area or a truck stop to have

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  • Make More By Making Your Own Breakfast

    Make More By Making Your Own Breakfast

                                      I put the 12 patties into a .02 cent bag (twist tie bag) and place them into my cake bowl in my cooler.
  • Fresh Fruit Tray

    Fresh Fruit Tray

    We love to have fresh fruit, who doesn’t!! Pictured below: Fresh cut fruit, Bananas, Apples and Oranges – From the breakfast bar -Free (included in the room price) Yogurt –  From the breakfast bar -Free (included in the room price)
  • Tennessean Travel Stop

    Tennessean Travel Stop

    If you are traveling interstate 65 in Tennessee and enjoy eating good BBQ sandwiches, stop in at the Tennessean Travel Plaza and pick up a pulled pork sandwich on a bun at Pops BBQ. They have several flavors of sauces