We love to have fresh fruit, who doesn’t!! Pictured below:

Fresh cut fruit, Bananas, Apples and Oranges – From the breakfast bar -Free (included in the room price)

Yogurt –  From the breakfast bar -Free (included in the room price)

Bowl of nuts, raisins and granola –  From the breakfast bar -Free (included in the room price)







We look for fruit vendor on our travels, we have found local grown cherries and peaches on the New York turnpike – yum – yum. Sometimes when we fuel up there are fresh fruit stands within walking distance, I’m all over that!! I try to make a fruit tray every morning. I put it on a paper plate (From the breakfast bar -Free) and it fits nicely into a .02 cent bag – ie. the twist tie bags. We have the fruit as a mid morning snack, it keeps us from snacking on unhealthy items such as chips.  The prepared fruit tray fits perfectly in the plastic cake bowl in the cooler, however, if there is no room for it, it will stay good outside of the cooler since it will be eaten in a few hours anyway.

Enjoy your APF (already paid for) mid morning fruit tray!!!











Fresh Fruit Tray

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