One of the highest expenses a transporter has is fuel. On average 24% of our gross income is spent on fuel. We must be diligent on our quest for finding the cheapest, but highest quality fuel on our routes.  Here is a list of our do’s and don’t.


  1. An auxiliary fuel tank is a must, without it you will be stopping two to three times a day to fill up. This leaves you victim to fluctuating fuel prices and unnecessary and timely stops. Generally, the stations with the lowest prices have long lines, so when you find low prices you want to get as much as you can.
    1. ie. auxiliary fuel tank.
    2. With our 90 gallon aux. fuel tank and the 35 gallons our truck holds, we save an average of $30 per fill up. Doing this 15x a month is $450 in savings. WOO-HOO!!!
  2. If you frequent a chain store, be sure to ask about their reward cards. Take time to have them explain it to you, this will pay off in the end. Here is a good example:
    1. Speedway stations
      1. Get a reward card, swipe it for each use and collect point for fuel and/or food discounts.
      2. Use a gift card. When adding $100 at a time, you will earn 1500 points for putting the money on the gift card. You will then earn point when you spend it on fuel or other purchases.
      3. My favorite, get a Speedway credit card. When you put $100 on your gift card and use the credit card  to pay for it, your earned point value jumps from 1500 to 6500.  Your Credit card is also your reward card, so you are only carrying two cards for Speedway.
        1. Speedway Credit CardFYI, for every 8740 points earned, you get .50 cents off of 25 gallons. That is a savings of $12.50 per 25 gallons, to me, that is a great savings!!! Speedway offers a lot more than what I have listed here, go in and check  them out.
        2. Use their APP, it is great for locating Speedway stations and look for  the “truck diesel” fuel, they will have truck lanes.


  1. Avoid Bio-Diesel
    1. Stations that sell Bio-diesel mix are required to put a label on the fuel pump identifying it as Bio-diesel. Some labels will say contains 5% Bio-diesel, not the end of the world if you use these. Some labels will say contains between 5% and 20% Bio-diesel, if you use this fuel you may notice a decrease in fuel mileage of one to two MPG. Constant use of this fuel may also result in clogged fuel filters, injector issues and other related fuel system problems. I prefer to put diesel diesel in my truck instead of Bio-diesel.
    2. Some drivers will use this Bio-diesel fuel to earn shower credits at some truck-stop.
      1. You are over paying for fuel at some truck-stops.
      2. You can easily pay for your shower in cash and still have Make More by fueling at stations with less expenses fuel.
      3. You are most likely to get the highest Bio-diesel mixture at some truck-stops.