I call my ice chest or cooler my refrigerator. It is a very important tool when traveling. I am always amazed when other driver tell us they don’t travel with a cooler. We Make More by having a cooler.  Here are my tips.

Get yourself the following items:

  1. Use a good Marine cooler – ours is 54 qts.
  2. We have 8 – 32oz tumblers, the ones where the top screw off.
  3. A deep plastic cake bowl, with no handles, must be waterproof.
    1. You will Make More by not eating fast food,  put food in the cake bowl, it will stay dry.
      1. Lunch meat
      2. Cheeses
      3. Perishable snacks/fruit

To prep a great cooler when traveling and you are at a hotel:

  1. Open six of the 32oz tumblers, fill with ice from the ice machine, screw top back on, then through the cap of the bottle, fill with bottled water. You will Make More by buying water by the gallon, not in the 16oz throwaway bottles.  (you do not have to put water in all or any of the bottles, you can decided what you want to use the ice for. But, this will be clean consumable ice). If you can freeze all or some of bottles then that is best. Line the bottom of the cooler with the six tumblers, cover with a thin layer of ice.
  2. Place the cake bowl in the middle of the cooler. Lid end up.
  3. Fill the two remaining tumblers with ice and put in cooler.
  4. Put any other drinks in the cooler.
  5. Fill cooler with ice.

Notes: My packed cooler will last three days. If I pack it on Monday morning, it will stay cool/frozen until Wednesday night. I will either drain out water and add two bags of ice or if I’m getting a hotel room I will repack it Thursday morning and I will be good to go for another three days.