Choosing to live on the road with my husband¬†and giving up our brick and mortar home has been quite a transition. Right away I figured out what I needed to be comfortable. I brought my favorite pillow and blanket. Learned how to pack a great cooler to keep my food fresh for at least week. I brought my Cuisinart Penini maker from my old kitchen for hotel room cooking. Yes, I planed on cooking from day one. I may have gave up my home, but not who I am and that is a doting wife. Pete and I have always considered ourselves “foodies” and traveling all over the great USA just seemed like a good time to try and cook different foods.

Here is a list of what I consider must haves

  1. Coffee Pot  / Coffee
  2. Penini maker
  3. Your favorite spices
  4. Ziploc bags – a varity of sizes
  5. 10″ Pan – no lid necessary – tinfoil works best
  6. Tinfoil
  7. Two each – “real” plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives. – Just because it is nice to eat like normal people!!
  8. Bounty – with Dawn infused. ( I quarter them)
  9. Two – Sterilite – underbed boxes – 28qt. to store all of your must have and food with out squashing anything.
  10. One – Sterilite – Blue Tote – 22 gal. We use as our dresser.

Please visit my Cooking Companion page for more.