If you re like me, you are sitting by your husband as he tirelessly puts down 600 miles a day behind the wheel, your anxiously waiting for the appearance of a welcomed rest area or a truck stop to have lunch or just a simple snack.

I am – or was –  or still am, a great cook! So I love to plan our meals on the road. Yes, I cook!!! We stop at great independent meat markets and cheese shops. We purchase food for our trips just as I would if we still lived in our home.

I can cook anything on the road that I could cook  in a home kitchen, except for baking, but that’s okay,  I’ll buy packaged cookies and pastries.

The key to keeping fresh food is packing a great cooler.  – See – Make more with an ice chest – I often talk with couples who wear by the electric cooler. They don’t like to deal with the ice, however, a great packed cooler will keep your  food fresh for three days without having to repack and being that the food is on ice, my food stays fresh longer then it did when I kept it in a conventional fridge..  The down fall of an electric cooler is that when your truck is off and you cooler is plugged in it will kill the batteries on your truck, thus the cooler will be off. Now if you only keep drinks in your cooler, it being shut off for ten hours at night is not big deal.

I Make More by making home cooked meals for my husband and myself. Just like at home, I pre-plan meals.

For example:

Breakfast, I purchase:

  1. 1 1/2 lbs breakfast sausage
  2. a pack of English muffins
  3. american cheese
    1. Directions:
      1. on my Penini maker, I first toast all of my English Muffins. I let them cool, then put them back in the package. Once toasted, they will keep un-refrigerated for at least a week.
      2. I cook all of the sausages, size the patties to your preference, just be sure you have enough for your muffins. Let cool, place in a baggie and put in your cake bowl inside you cooler along with the cheese.

Lunch, simple variety of our favorite meat and cheeses.

Dinners, Whats you favorite?

  1. Sausage, onion,  peppers and mushrooms on a sub roll.
    1. Put a pan on the Penini
    2. cut up all ingredients
    3. Place in pan
    4. Cover pan with tinfoil to keep the heat in and close top.  Tip***My pan does have a lid, however, I find that the Penini heats up quicker and cooks better with a layer of tinfoil over the pan instead of the lid.

Cook until done, about 15 mins. Stir often, Serve over the sub roll. If you have left overs, let it cool, place in ziploc  bag and put in the cake bowl in cooler. I often make enough for for a couple of nights, it WILL keep fresh in the cooler , and then when you are at a truck stop, put it in a bowl and use their microwave, there you have a nice home cooked APF (already paid for)  meal.